Star Ceiling Kit Details

Thank you for considering one of our Star Ceiling Kits!  Maybe you've already tried other products or maybe you're considering creating a star ceiling for the first time.  Either way, Starglow Ceiling is the easiest and most fun way to create a realistic star ceiling!  You do not have to be an artist - just follow our simple instructions and you'll amaze yourself!

Our Kit contains everything you need to create your masterpiece.  The exceptions are you will need to supply two AA batteries for our Stargrid Projector and plastic if you want to protect your floor and furniture.  Here's what's included ...

  • Stamp with coordinate grid to use for star placement and paint application
  • Color coded Star Applicators
  • Starglow Paint - 1 oz with dispenser - enough for one large room
  • Handle to reach ceilings up to 10' (there is a handle option to reach higher ceilings)
  • Grid Projector (included with Constellation Star Ceiling Kit) to create a light grid on your ceiling to "Stamp-by-Numbers"
  • Starcharts with Star Coding Chart so you can accurately stamp the stars
  • Simple instructions
  • Our Stamp is designed to work on flat, textured or popcorn ceilings.
Order your Star Ceiling Kit today and begin relaxing under your own Starry Night Sky!