School Planetarium

We are very excited to announce that we now offer schools and museums custom Starglow Planetariums!  Have you ever wanted a permanent planetarium in your school or museum but never explored this option due to cost and construction constraints?  There is however no need to build a dome, schedule yearly expensive inflatable dome planetarium shows, spend your entire school science budget or purchase your own expensive planetarium projectors.

Instead, invite Starglow Ceiling to create your own affordable planetarium!  Choose an interior room in your school and let us create your starry masterpiece.  Give your students an opportunity to experience something different during the day and invite them to your own Planetarium just down the hall!  We can install up to a 50 foot x 50 foot star ceiling showing multiple seasonal constellations.  Welcome your students into your school planetarium into a dim red lit room.  Turn off the lights and hear the “wows!”  The stars will shine in their correct positions and apparent brightness.  Use our blacklight flashlight and shine at a group of stars on the ceiling.  Lines will appear showing how the stars connect to create the constellations!  Point out Orion the Hunter, Cygnus the Swan or Scorpius the Scorpion with you laser light.  Now that you have your students’ attention, project your astronomy or other video or slides on the ceiling and enjoy teaching students now ready to learn!  After experiencing a relaxing night sky in the middle of a hectic school day, your students will begin asking you to go to the planetarium for all of your classes!

Our Starglow Planetarium is not a toy projector that projects unwanted light into your room and distorts the constellations.  It is a realistic and accurate star ceiling enjoyed as a true planetarium experience.  When you turn off your lights you don’t just look at a toy projection.  Rather, you relax and experience what it’s like to be under a truly dark starry night sky!

We are currently installing Starglow Planetariums at schools in Colorado, North Carolina and South Carolina but will travel anywhere in the United States to install your custom planetarium.  Along with enjoying a relaxing and astronomically accurate star ceiling, you will enjoy that your cost to create your own school or museum planetarium is only $1,499 plus travel expenses to cover our Starglow Artist.  If you currently rent a portable inflatable planetarium service, your permanent Starglow Planetarium will be paid for with savings from just a few typical visits.

Along with your Starglow Planetarium you will receive a red welcoming room globe light, blacklight charging lights, blacklight flashlight, laser light, astronomy book, astronomy lesson plans and a Starglow Planetarium wall plaque.  If you would prefer to create your own planetarium, we also offer schools and museums a complete kit to create your own starry masterpiece.  See our online store for more information.

There is nothing like this available for schools and museums in the market.  We are deeply committed to ensuring every student is introduced to the amazing science of astronomy and the wonder of a beautiful night sky.  While we would love for all schools to build domed planetariums with state of the art projectors, we understand this is not possible.  But you can still create or have us create your own affordable planetarium and help your students experience the wonders of the heavens!

So take your first step and call us at 704-634-3684 to discuss how we can create your Starglow Planetarium!