Starglow Ceiling Professional Installation

Allow us to install your starglow ceiling today with our Starglow Ceiling Professional Installation.

Would you like some help with the installation of your own star ceiling? Then leave it to the experts!  One of our professional Starglow Artists will contact you to schedule your custom Starglow Ceiling. 

You can choose a Night Sky Starfield or one of our seasonal Constellation Starfields.  Choose between two summer skies (north view and south view), a winter sky or a southern hemisphere autumn sky.

Click Here to contact us to schedule your installation and for more information. Our prices begin at $2.00 per square foot of ceiling area for a Night Sky starfield.  Price per square foot is lower for larger ceilings. 

We are currently serving the Charlotte, NC, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville, FL and Denver & Front Range, CO. 

Feel free to contact us if you live in a different region and are willing to cover travel expenses.