Frequently Asked Questions

What paint is used and how long will the stars glow?

Our Starglow Paint is a custom formula using the best phosphorescent pigment on the market mixed with our medium that ensures maximum brightness and workability.  Stars will glow all night (8-12 hours) and will gradually dim as night progresses.  Our paint is among the brightest in the industry and is typically 20 times brighter with much longer glow times than paint found in craft stores.  The paint is water based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Please see our Starglow Paint Details page for more information.

How long does it take to "charge" the stars?

Only 5-10 minutes depending on how bright you would like the stars to shine.  In the old days we would have to use special black lights.  The great news now is that standard compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) work great!  We recommend that you choose at least an 18w CFL (75w incandescent equivalent) daylight bulb with as high a Kelvin rating as you can find at your hardware store (5000-6000 work great).  And remember to remove your lamp shade so all the stars get charged - not just the ones above your lamp!

Will it work on textured and popcorn ceilings?

Our Stamp is designed to work on any firm ceiling including flat, textured or popcorn ceilings.  It is specially designed to "flex" to ensure each Starpeg properly applies paint to the surface - regardless if it strikes a texture or popcorn ball. 

Will it work on dropped ceiling tiles?

Since slight pressure is needed to ensure the Starglow Paint is properly applied to the ceiling, it is difficult to apply a Constellation Starfield on dropped ceiling tiles since the pressure will lift the tiles.  Proper pressure is important to ensure all stars are applied at proper brightness.  It is possible however to apply a Night Sky Starfield on dropped ceiling tiles since the stars are applied randomly and with variable brightness.  If you have a helper who can hold down the ceiling tile while you are stamping, either Starfield may be applied.  This is accomplished by your helper lifting an adjacent tile and pressing down on the tile you are stamping.

How long will it take to install?

It typically will take approximately 1 hour to install a Starry Night starfield on an average sized bedroom ceiling.  Constellation starfields take a little longer - approximately 3-4 hours - since each square grid must be installed per star coding chart requirements.  The more detailed you are with placing the color coded star applicators and applying the proper amount of Starglow Paint, the more accurate the starfield will be.  We recommend a helper when installing a Constellation Starfield to "call out" the star applicator positions on the stamp.

What room preparation is needed?

Not much preparation is needed when installing a Deep Space or Constellation Starfield since very little paint is used.  We do though still recommend 4 mil clear poly to protect your furniture and floor if you are worried about possibly dropping the paint dispenser or the Starpad.  It is important to protect your room when painting the Milky Way since the application requires mild paint splattering.

Will I need special tools?

Our Starkit contains all the necessary tools and parts with the exception of a small water bowl to help with occasionally cleaning the Starpegs and two AA batteries for the Stargrid Projector.

What constellations are available?

We currently have five regions of the night sky to choose from which highlight the brightest and most well known stars and constellations.  A winter sky featuring Orion the hunter and Taurus the bull;  A summer north sky featuring Cygnus the Swan, Aquila the Eagle and Lyra the Lyre;  A summer south sky featuring Scorpius the Scorpion and Sagitarious;  A northern polar sky featuring the Big Dipper and Cassiopea;  And a southern polar sky for you folks in the southern hemisphere!

How accurate will the constellations be?

Our product is designed to install a very accurate Constellation Starfield with stars at their proper locations and apparent brightness.  As with any artwork or application, the more careful and detailed you are with applying the Starglow Paint and stamping your ceiling, the more accurate the Starfield will be.  Cleaning the Starpegs more regularly will help with accuracy.  See our Astronomical Accuracy page for more information.

Are you developing any new products?

Yes, we are currently developing a Custom Constellation Kit that will enable you to create your own custom constellations and stamp them to your ceiling.  Say you want to place your favorite pet, person or musical instrument among the stars - we'll make it so you can!  We are also developing Milky Way, Zodiac and Galaxy Kits and a special Star Ceiling and Educational Kit for schools.