Fiber Optic Constellation Design

Our Constellation and Night Sky star ceiling kits are excellent for dark rooms such as bedrooms, playrooms or family rooms.  They create a realistic and relaxing night sky experience.  You may, however, want to create a star ceiling with very bright star lights that will be visible in semi-dark rooms in your home such as media rooms, baths, spas and pool houses.  Fiber optics is by far the best way to create this bright starlight effect.  You can also create a stunning star ceiling in your commercial theatre, night club, restaurant, hotel or care and treatment facility. 

Whether you have you own fiber optics lighting kit or are looking for a complete star ceiling kit, we can help.


There are many fiber optic kits available on the market that you can use to create your star ceiling.  However, until now, there has never been a simple way to create an astronomically accurate fiber optics star ceiling that shows the constellations and stars in their correct positions and apparent brightness. 

Our Fiber Optic Constellation Design Kit uses the same stamp and projector provided with our Constellation kit to mark the correct location and brightness of each star on your ceiling.  We, however, replace our glow paint with five visible colors of paint - each color represents a star brightness. 

Simply stamp your ceiling (or panels constructed first on a floor) using our star coding chart, drill holes at the colored marked dots and insert the correctly sized fibers.  Why settle for random stars of the same brightness when you can experience a realistic starry night sky?


If you have not yet purchased a fiber optics kit, we will soon be offering a complete system that will include our Fiber Optic Constellation Design Kit, Astronomer Add-On Pack, various sized fibers (different sizes to create various star brightness), a state of the art light source and instructions.  It's everything you'll need to create your own fiber optic star ceiling!