Star Ceiling Eco-Friendly Glow Paint

Starpaint is custom mixed star ceiling eco-friendly glow paint using the brightest strontium aluminate pigment available on the market. It is water based, non-toxic and eco-friendly.  Our custom mix has a very high pigment to medium ratio creating the brightest glow paint available.  The paint is aqua in color which creates the most realistic looking stars.

This is a top of the line paint and is a far better product in both brightness and length of glow than what is available at typical retail stores.  The paint is remarkably bright and creates stars that appear to twinkle as you observe them.  Since it is water based, the paint can be used for multiple types of projects and on multiple types of surfaces.  It is created to be almost completely invisible by day but glows all night.

Our Starglow Paint is available in a 1 oz bottle dispenser to create additional Starglow Ceilings or a 2 oz jar to create special features such as nebulae, galaxies, etc. or other projects.