About Us


Starglow Ceiling, Inc. was created in 2015 after its Founder, Scott Spivak, and Co-Founder, Sierra Spivak, invented our patented DIY Star Ceiling Kit to transform any room into a starry night sky.  Because of vast urban and street lighting, many of us can no longer enjoy the beauty of a star-filled night sky with the Milky Way shining brightly as if painted with an artist's brush.  Our kids rarely enjoy the feeling of awe while looking up and wondering about the universe or joy when they find the Big Dipper, Orion the Hunter or Cygnus the Swan for the first time.  While public interest in the universe is still rising we seem to have lost touch with the night sky.  Our mission is to keep our passion for the heavens alive, help our children appreciate the stars and help them experience at least a glimpse of what a starry night sky is like.

Children Looking at Stars 1

And of course for us adults who have often experienced the wonder of a dark starry sky, why not be able to enjoy it under a warm blanket at home every night!


Scott Spivak:  Scott is an Astronomy Instructor and Planetarium Presenter at the Schiele Museum of Natural History in North Carolina. His passion for astronomy began early in life and has grown since receiving his first telescope at age 10.  He has been a guest presenter at local schools and Boy Scout gatherings and was formerly employed by the Robert R. Meyer Planetarium in Birmingham, AL offering public planetarium shows and star parties. Scott continues to build and refurbish telescopes including his 16" telescope.  He is also beginning to dive into the world of astroimaging and enjoys traveling National Parks with his two children backpacking and seeking dark skies.  Scott is beginning his work on a Master of Science Degree in Astronomy.

Sierra Spivak - Age 16:  Sierra has always been interested in the wonders of the heavens. Constantly searching for answers about the mysteries of the universe, she has become a pretty good young astronomer. Sierra loves spending nights under the stars with her family watching meteor showers and observing the constellations. She loves backpacking and finding clear skies. Sierra has a very busy schedule managing school, sports and friends but still finds time to work on Starglow Ceiling to help other kids get excited about the Cosmos.