Star Ceiling Stamping Kit

Transform Your Room Into A Starry Night Sky using our Star Ceiling Stamping Kit!

Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep under a relaxing starry sky every night? How wonderful it would be to create a gift for your children to help them fall asleep to the best nightlight on the market! And how cool would it be to turn off the lights in your media or family room, look up and see the constellations shine brilliantly above you?

If you’ve ever wanted to create a realistic planetarium quality glow in the dark star ceiling, there has never been an easier, faster and more fun way to do it. No more oversized toy stars, stickers or micro dots! No more ladders! No more backbreaking stencils or upside down painting! No more toy projectors that create unwanted light and distort constellation images! Our process is simple. Paint our custom mixed Starglow Paint onto our stamp, Stamp your ceiling while standing on your floor and Relax under your new breathtaking starry night sky!

Bedroom 1 Medium

Bedroom 1 Large Stars C

You can create a “Starry Night” sky or a seasonal “Constellation” sky which is an astronomically accurate night sky with constellations and stars in correct positions and brightness. It only takes 1-2 hours depending on which sky you choose to create your starry night masterpiece. After just a few minutes of charging your ceiling with a standard CFL light bulb, your stars will glow all night and are invisible during the day. Our home version creates the same quality star ceiling as our school and museum Starglow Planetariums.

Here's how it works ...

Starry Night Stamping Kit - Paint

PAINT: Begin by placing color coded Star Applicators on our Stamp. The Stamp includes a star coding chart to ensure easy and proper placement. Apply the correct amount of Starglow Paint to the top of each Star Applicator.

Starry Night Stamping Kit - Stamp

STAMP: If creating a Starry Night starfield, randomly stamp your ceiling per our instructions. If creating a Constellation starfield, use the Grid Projector and stamp each square grid. It's basically a "stamp-by-numbers."

Starry Night Stamping Kit - Relax

RELAX: Turn off the lights and relax under your new Starglow Ceiling! Use a laser to point out the constellations and brightest stars to your family and friends. Then fall asleep to the best nightlight available!
So go ahead and take the next step to create your starry night masterpiece! Order one of our Star Ceiling Kits today so you, family members and friends can enjoy falling asleep under a starry sky every night. And don't forget to follow our Blog, Starglow Astronomy, for the latest news, tools and techniques to better enjoy and learn about the many wonders of the Universe!
We wish you many Starry Nights! Sierra & Scott